2013 Antares 44i Catamaran

You won't find another Antares with more upgrades, toys, and spares. Two Fish is dressed to the nines!

Two Fish Antares catamaran sailing

Under her original owners, Two Fish proved her mettle sailing from the factory in Argentina to New England and all points in between and even crossed the Pacific in the ARC rally. Under current owners, Doug and Ginny, she has enjoyed an easy life in the Caribbean where her owners have sailed since the 1980’s. Their previous boat was a 2006 Privilege 435 catamaran which was, unfortunately, destroyed in Hurricane Irma in 2017. After lusting after the Antares 44’s that they had seen many times in the Caribbean, when Two Fish became available in 2018 with brand new engines thanks to the Volvo recall, and lots of factory upgrades, Doug and Ginny snatched it up. They only planned to do easy cruising in the Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean, but the all the advantages of an Antares made it a no-brainer. The combination of safety, comfort, luxury, and a fabulous galley for Ginny and great sailing performance for one-design racing sailor, Doug, made Two Fish the perfect boat for these longtime experienced sailors who knew exactly what they wanted. Two Fish has proved to be their perfect sailing home providing easy, comfortable cruising when it was just Doug and Ginny onboard and a great platform for visiting family and friends to share the beauty of the Caribbean. Even compared to their previous Privilege, which they loved, Doug and Ginny found Two Fish’s level of fit and finish and upgraded materials and well thought-out systems and layout to be superior to any boat they had ever owned. While it is their last sailboat, they feel it has been by far the best.

Two Fish catamaran salon seating

After five years of easy sailing, it’s time for Two Fish to head offshore once again with new owners looking for new horizons. While Two Fish has hasn’t had to work very hard for the last five years, she has been kept in top condition with all maintenance done professionally by B+G Marine Services, located in Nanny Cay in Tortola. In the water during the winter sailing season and on the hard in the summer, Two Fish has had continuous care and regular running and testing of all systems with complete maintenance records available for inspection. Many key upgrades have been added, including all power winches, upgraded windlass, new mainsail, new dinghy and dinghy engine, and countless other renewals like new heads, running rigging, and a new water maker. She is ready to go, right down to a fully equipped galley.

Price: $725,000 USD

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Choosing to Live Aboard?

When does an idea start? Some ideas develop like the process of erosion, they start slowly and the casual observers just sees some water passing over a rock. Then over the passage of time, the passing comment becomes a fundamental part of one’s being. Years ago I told Gail, “I would like to move aboard a sailboat”. She was excited because she enjoys travel and my vision lacked any concrete dates that might create pressure. Like a spring river racing down a well worn canyon, our choice to move aboard seems less daunting because we have discussed it for years. “Will we read the NY Times at sea? What type of milk will Gail use for her coffee? How will we cope with storms?” We have enjoyed imagining the cruising lifestyle for years.

I can not remember the particular day that we decided to make the sea our home rather than Manhattan. I can’t remember the month or even how I broached the topic with Gail. Was it a sunny day, did we discuss it over dinner or on a walk? Almost like a relative you have known since birth, this idea has been with Gail and I from the day we met. So this adventure might be more destiny than an active choice.

Jason & Gail - s/v Two Fish