The world's best liveaboard, now available.


2017 Cinderella

Antares 44

This fully outfitted, late model Antares is ready for cruising. It's well maintained, loaded with tools and spares and has excellent electronics. The engines have low hours and are still under warranty.


2018 Seahorse

The Circumnavigator

There has never been a more enthusiastic Antares owner and he wanted Seahorse to be the greatest Antares ever built. Therefore, Seahorse has been outfitted for circumnavigational cruising and then some.


2018 Laila Pad

True Sailing Catamaran

Laila Pad is a one-of-its-kind since it's the new GS model AND it's located on the West Coast. Laila Pad is outfitted with all the necessary cruising options for both comfort and safety. Why not use San Diego as your jumping off point to start your adventure?


2017 Idlewild

Let Your Dream Start Now

Idlewild is the latest Antares to come on the market and is outfitted with Selden’s powered in-mast furling mainsail and performance Elvstrom EPEX sails. This makes cruising just that much easier, particularly for short-handed sailors, without any sacrifice to performance.

News & Features

We held our first ever Antares Experience this past month on our docks in Stuart, Fl, inviting potential new owners to participate in a full-day event. This gave everyone the opportunity to get a better understanding of the Antares Catamaran by going through the boat’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and, of course, boat handling and sailing.

In collaboration with Antares Catamarans, Beth highlights the new exterior features aboard the Antares 44GS during the Annapolis Boat Show. Antares does not build for the charter rental fleet, but embraces a philosophy geared toward building a couple's blue water, liveaboard catamaran. New highlights include an extended hardtop with additional integrated solar panels, new line management systems, and a curved glass windshield.

The topic of sailing performance is an important one for many. Instead of hearing from outsiders how well (or not) the Antares sails, hear it straight from real-time Antares owners who can speak from real, actual life experiences. Antares has compiled this video to take the “dock-talk” out of the conversation and show how the Antares compares with its peer's given actual cruising data in the market place. This is a fantastic comprehensive look at how the Antares compares!

Defining a Serious Liveaboard

Your boat should protect you

the protected helm aboard the Antares catamaran protects you from the weather

The most important design element of a liveaboard yacht is the helm. It should always protect you from the weather. Exposed helms can be fun on a vacation, but can undermine your long-term cruising experience.

Everything from steering to rigging aboard the Antares catamaran was designed to protect you. You may have noticed that Antares has never offered a choice between charter and owner’s versions, to do so would undermine the offshore integrity of the hull design. The enclosed cockpit aboard the Antares is designed to protect you from the weather, and not just for cocktail parties (though that's never stopped us before)!

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Built for owners, not for renters

A galley big enough to be called a kitchen aboard the Antares catamaran

A galley so big it should be called a kitchen. If you only plan to rent a catamaran for 4 to 6 days, a small galley connected to the cockpit makes a lot of sense. But that same galley will drive you crazy if you plan to live aboard.

Because so many other catamarans are built for charter, they typically use wood accents inserted into heavy fiberglass molds, adding weight to the catamaran at the cost of performance. The Antares’ interior is hand-crafted using high-tech, lightweight panels sandwiched between cherry veneer. The combination of the materials, the finished shapes and the joinery all contribute to the structural integrity of the wood modules that comprise a large part of what has become a signature characteristic of the Antares.

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Meet the owners living aboard their Antares

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