2018 Antares GS

A True Sailing Catamaran

PRICE: $890,000 USD

Laila Pad is a one-of-its-kind since it's the new GS model AND it's located on the West Coast. Laila Pad is outfitted with all the necessary cruising options for both comfort and safety. Why not use San Diego as your jumping off point to start your adventure?

The Antares quality and performance is indisputable. The buyer of this vessel can take advantage of all the benefits available to a new Antares minus the wait to build! This boat has already been fine-tuned and is ready for its next adventure. Laila Pad catamaran Overview

Laila Pad

2018 Antares 44GS

Laila Pad

After doing much research online and going to multiple boat shows Laila and Will honed in their purchase of the Antares catamaran. Will’s #1 goal in any adventure is to stay safe so he can take care of his wife Laila and kids, Joy and Vinny. Choosing the Antares, built around safety, followed that goal. Will and his wife had aspirations of first circumnavigating and after that for Will to solo circumnavigate however life changed his plans. Kids entered the picture! Now they’d rather wait until their kids get older so they can fully understand and appreciate such a unique opportunity.

With a newborn son and 3-year-old daughter, Laila Pad has seen minimal use since arriving in San Diego. The sailing dream will need to be put on hold for now for this family but Laila Pad is ready to embrace the next one.

Having already traveled up from Argentina to San Diego, she has had her shake-down and ready to keep going from that great jumping-off point, the West Coast. She is also the first Antares 40GS on that side of the US. The extended cockpit hardtop, water collection, 1200 Watts of solar, larger davits, and a clear aft view, are all welcome improvements to the liveaboard experience.

Laila Pad
Equipment Highlights:
  • Salon layout with forward facing settee, slide out desk and wine storage
  • 1200 Watts solar on cockpit roof
  • Enlongated cockpit roof giving protection from sun/rain
  • Updated davit system able to hold approx 700 lbs
  • Volvo engine hours: 640
  • Full suite of sails including Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  • (2) B&G Zeus2 12” touch screen chartplotter / multifunction display
  • Iridium GO with external antenna
  • 43GPH EchoTec watermaker
  • Laila Pad Laila Pad Laila Pad

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    Price: $890,000 USD
    Walk through the Laila Pad 2018 Antares 44GS that's currently for sale.

    Link here for full listing on our Yacht World page.

    Are you the next accidental circumnavigator?

    A Couple's Unexpected Journey Around the World

    story by Joanne Bush
    Joanne at a tiger sanctuary

    "I would have never stepped aboard Miss Jody had I known we would end up sailing around the world. My husband Ron, a life-long sailor and racer convinced me to go cruising. Our plan was to sail as far as the San Blas Islands in Panama, with the caveat that I could always go home if I didn’t like it. I could jump ship and buy a bus ticket from the Florida Keys back to Pensacola, Fla., and it was relatively easy to return home from the Caribbean."

    "Don't get me wrong, I love traveling, and the opportunity to discover new places and meet new people has always been a big draw for me, but I never imagined the 'getting there' part would be by sea, and certainly not in a 42-foot catamaran. Miss Jody is an Antares 42, a predecessor to the Antares 44, and for a reluctant sailor, a catamaran would be an excellent vessel for us to explore the Caribbean."

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