A Few Useful Tips

Thinking of buying or selling? There are a few items that make the process smoother no matter which side you are on. From first impressions to well-documented maintenance records, attention to details can make a difference in the whole process.

First Appearances: As the saying goes, you can't take back a first impression. If a seller takes the time to make sure their vessel is in tip-top shape, it will likely shorten their time on the market and leave an impression with the next owner that they really cared about the vessel. A buyer walking up to a recently waxed and detailed boat will start the viewing in a positive light and with an emotional purchase such as a boat, that's worth a LOT.

Maintenance Records: Power or Sail, records of engine maintenance and system updates are valuable. In the buyer's eyes, they can see how the boat has been cared for and take ownership knowing the history of the vessel's mechanical systems. A seller, on the other hand, can confidently show prospects that they followed manufacturer recommendations for servicing, thus removing any question of how the mechanical systems were cared for during their ownership.

maintain all systems aboard your boatDevil is in the Details (and small spaces): Lockers, engine rooms, and cabinets, tend to get the least amount of attention on a day to day basis, however, they can prove to be extremely important in the selling process. Clean, mold-free lockers not only show better, but they represent how the vessel is maintained (much like first appearances). For example, a bright, clean locker shows the prospect they have great, dry storage options. A clean engine room usually makes the survey day go smoother as well. Not having past oil spills and splatters makes it easy to focus on any current issues the surveyor may find instead of falsely indicating a possible problem that was most likely resolved.

The good news is that most of our family of owners takes very good care of their vessels. It's not hard to do when you start out with high quality constructed vessels such as the PDQ and Antares. When you put those two things together, it's not hard to see why we've been able to maintain high re-sale values.