The Antares Experience

We held our first ever Antares Experience this past month on our docks in Stuart, Fl, inviting potential new owners to participate in a full-day event. This gave everyone the opportunity to get a better understanding of the Antares Catamaran by going through the boat’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and, of course, boat handling and sailing.

Thumbs Up from Carol and Chet who participated in our first ever Antares Experience

As you know, Rhumb Line focuses exclusively on the Antares Catamarans. Our first-hand knowledge of living aboard and sailing the Antares, as well as the invaluable experience of former owner Ted Wallace, gave participants the opportunity to gain valuable and practical knowledge about the Antares and the liveaboard lifestyle.

From practical ways to managing power aboard while at anchor or at sea, to tips on how to deal with communications and home schooling, this program proved a success for all who participated.

We managed to get an extra knot sailing downwind wing on wing!

“We were very happy with the format. Skip has been itching to get a look at the engine compartments and systems. This gave us an opportunity to really get up close and personal with the most important items on the boat. 

We both wanted to thank you so very much for inviting us.  Even with the very light winds it was well worth leaving the dock.  It’s difficult to contemplate plunking down a chunk of change on a boat that you’ve never even been on except for tied to the dock.  We were able to get quite a bit out of the short ride, and appreciated your efforts to demonstrate the sails. 

…I felt like you nailed it—great vibe, great day.” Writes Carol Cauldon.

We appreciate the fact that because Antares was never built for the charter fleet, there are not many opportunities to experience the unique characteristics and features aboard. This type of program gives potential new owners a feel for the way the Antares handles under power and sail, as well as a more in-depth explanation and appreciation of the design and build process.

“My family and I want to thank you, Ted and Ross for a magnificent and eye opening day. What a great experience with great people. First class all the way!” Writes Joseph Yates, who along with wife and daughter, traveled from Atlanta to take part in the program.

Let’s hope you don’t wait until 2026 to get onboard! Thanks for joining us Joseph, Tanisha and Anaya.

We also had several pre-owned Antares open and available for viewing at the dock, giving everyone a chance to compare the different model years and note both the difference and similarities that are integral to the Antares Catamaran.

For us, it was all about building relationships and sharing our knowledge and experience of the Antares. We want to thank everyone who participated, and, of course, extend our thanks to Ted Wallace who generously shared his time and knowledge with all of us.

Please contact us to find our how you can join us on our next Antares Experience.

Watch highlights from our first Antares Experience

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