2014 Antares 44i Zooropa

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Watch this video of a walk through Antares 44i s/v Zooropa, a 2014 Antares currently on the market and outfitted with Selden's in-mast powered furling system and so much more.

Catamaran with inmast furling sail

Owners Ian and Phillipa moved aboard their 2014 Antares 44i s/v Zooropa at the factory in Argentina. They brought with them years of sailing experience and ambition and started their grand adventure.

They honed their offshore sailing skills and confidence during their maiden voyage up the coast of South America. From there they spent several years exploring the various Caribbean Islands, exploring new locations and revisiting favorites.

Zooropa is one of the newest Antares 44s on the market and is outfitted with Selden’s powered in-mast furling mainsail. This makes cruising just that much easier, particularly for short-handed sailors, without any sacrifice to performance. Antares installed it’s first furling sail in 2008 and the popularity of this offering continues to grow to this day. About 50% of new orders are for the in-mast furling system.

In-Mast Furling

Convenience: added enjoyment for reduced amount of work and effort. The number one issue is one of convenience. It is so easy to use the furling system. It makes the whole experience easier and more pleasurable and encourages more sailing.

Catamaran with inmast furling sail

Safety: With the furling mast, not only is reefing easier and less prone to difficulty with cars and lines, but your choice is infinite. Instead of having one or two rigged options of what might constitute a reef, your possibilities are endless. Not only do you have the safety benefit in the more flexible reefing, but another factor is that you don’t have to go topside to deal with any problems.

Performance: The common question is what is the price you have to pay for less roach as far as performance? The loss is very minimal. Keep in mind that on the Antares you wouldn’t be using the main for downwind sailing [Genoa and Screecher can be flown wing on wing]. When you do use the mainsail, you are close hauled or close reached.

Zooropa is currently in Stuart, FL.

Price: $680,000 USD

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Sailing with an In-mast Furling Mainsail

Sailing the Antares with In-Mast Furling

Antares 44i owner explains how to sail with Selden's In-Mast Furling System.