2013 Antares 44i Catamaran

You won't find another Antares with more upgrades, toys, and spares. Two Fish is dressed to the nines!

Two Fish Antares catamaran sailing

When Two Fish was launched in late 2013 and set out from the Argentine factory, the first mission was to sail to her home port in New York to show off at the Manhattan Yacht Club and enjoy a few bagels! While Two Fish did sail up to NY and beyond, her sights soon became greater, exploring many unique and uncharted destinations.

The route sailing up from the South Atlantic was by no means a straight line. Instead, Two Fish explored some of the most interesting cruising grounds along the Atlantic coast, often times venturing into unchartered territory (literally), and venturing into French Guiana and other parts unknown.

Two Fish catamaran salon seating

Outfitted to the nines, Two Fish was ready to explore beyond the Caribbean and was destined for greater adventures abroad. Owners Jason and Gail signed on with the World ARC rally, joining two other Antares catamarans, and sailed across the Pacific to Australia where Two Fish boarded a ship and was transported back to Florida.

The adventures of Two Fish are many, and her owners have been meticulous about documenting not only their travels to share with other's, but have kept impeccable records of all their maintenance, have followed every manufacturer's recommended schedules, and have constantly upgraded the systems aboard. And as an added bonus, Two Fish was part of a Volvo engine recall and both engines have been replaced - that's zero hours and full warranties!

Price: $750,000 USD - SOLD

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Choosing to Live Aboard?

When does an idea start? Some ideas develop like the process of erosion, they start slowly and the casual observers just sees some water passing over a rock. Then over the passage of time, the passing comment becomes a fundamental part of one’s being. Years ago I told Gail, “I would like to move aboard a sailboat”. She was excited because she enjoys travel and my vision lacked any concrete dates that might create pressure. Like a spring river racing down a well worn canyon, our choice to move aboard seems less daunting because we have discussed it for years. “Will we read the NY Times at sea? What type of milk will Gail use for her coffee? How will we cope with storms?” We have enjoyed imagining the cruising lifestyle for years.

I can not remember the particular day that we decided to make the sea our home rather than Manhattan. I can’t remember the month or even how I broached the topic with Gail. Was it a sunny day, did we discuss it over dinner or on a walk? Almost like a relative you have known since birth, this idea has been with Gail and I from the day we met. So this adventure might be more destiny than an active choice.

Jason & Gail - s/v Two Fish