Defining the serious liveaboard

Your boat should protect you

the protected helm aboard the Antares catamaran protects you from the weather

The most important design element of a liveaboard yacht is the helm. It should always protect you from the weather. Exposed helms can be fun on a vacation, but can undermine your long-term cruising experience.

Everything from steering to rigging aboard the Antares catamaran was designed to protect you. You may have noticed that Antares has never offered a choice between charter and owner’s versions, to do so would undermine the offshore integrity of the hull design. The enclosed cockpit aboard the Antares is designed to protect you from the weather, and not just for cocktail parties (though that's never stopped us before)!

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Built for owners, not for renters

A galley big enough to be called a kitchen aboard the Antares catamaran

A galley so big it should be called a kitchen. If you only plan to rent a catamaran for 4 to 6 days, a small galley connected to the cockpit makes a lot of sense. But that same galley will drive you crazy if you plan to live aboard.

Because so many other catamarans are built for charter, they typically use wood accents inserted into heavy fiberglass molds, adding weight to the catamaran at the cost of performance. The Antares’ interior is hand-crafted using high-tech, lightweight panels sandwiched between cherry veneer. The combination of the materials, the finished shapes and the joinery all contribute to the structural integrity of the wood modules that comprise a large part of what has become a signature characteristic of the Antares.

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The world's best liveaboard, now available.


2006 s/v Leap of Faith

Are you ready to take a Leap of Faith?

Leap of Faith was built in Canada, and like every sensible Canadian, spent many season's cruising and exploring the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean. As a couple's full-time home, Leap of Faith was impeccably maintained and island hopped for several seasons, carrying crew and all their toys to new adventures - some of which involved rescuing and resuscitating a drowning goat - seriously!

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2006 s/v Gabridash

Attention to detail like no other

When Gabridash was launched at the Canadian factory in 2006, owners Gary and Sharon came armed with spools of spreadsheets, a measuring tape and boxes full of essentials that any full-time liveaboard would need. This was the first clue as to the immaculate and dedicated care and maintenance they would pour into their new home. From day one, Gabridash has been lavished with this kind of attention and it shows when you get on board for the first time.

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The hybrid-electric powered catamaran

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