Joyce & Matt, M/V Explorer

"Thanks for making the sale of EXPLORER go so smoothly… and QUICKLY! We really enjoyed being a part of the PDQ community. We hope the new owner has as much fun and adventure as we did!"

Cindy Hamilton, S/V Cinderella

"Rhumb Line Yacht Sales is the ideal company for selling an Antares or PDQ boat. Beth and Ross make an excellent team, complementing each other’s extensive skills. Both have a good balance of professionalism and personal service. Both are good listeners and communicators. They pay attention to tiny details, which is rare in today’s world. My only complaint is that they found a buyer for our beloved boat too quickly. Of course, no other seller would complain about a fast sale, and we should have remembered that Rhumb Line also sold our previous boat in record time."

Thank you for putting us on the journey of a lifetime.

"It is the 28th of February 2022 and we closed on our 2018 Antares named Seahorse today. We purchased it through Rhumb Line Yacht Sales (RLYS) with Beth and Ross who are fantastic; but more about that in a bit.

Beth doesn’t remember this, but our relationship with RLYS started a little over two years ago when my wife and I were just getting started on our journey to purchase a boat. After coming across Antares I called Beth with some newbie questions which she very nicely answered. Fast forward to about three months ago and we started the purchase process for Seahorse ….. and we were terrible customers It was largely due to my angst at what, for us, was a large purchase. We ended up cancelling on Beth and Ross twice before I finally got the gumption to stay the course (thank you Mae) to purchase the boat and they were the best. Never judgmental. Always doing their best to understand the crazies from New Mexico (which was the name I gave ourselves).

Are Beth and Ross honorable, honest, knowledgeable, and hard working people? Unquestionably. Will they help you through the purchase process? Absolutely. Would I use RLYS again to sell or purchase a boat - any boat? Without question. Beth and Ross, we put you through the wringer and you got us there anyway. Thank you for putting us on the journey of a lifetime."

- Eric and Mae
s/v Seahorse

Listing with Rhumb Line

"When the time came to sell my Antares 44i Antipodes, my first and only broker of choice was Rhumb Line Yacht Sales. Their thorough knowledge of the Antares and their strong relationships with the owner’s group and the factory ensured that they would best represent my yacht.

Beth and Ross have been very responsive to all my questions, and their outstanding support and service is truly impressive. In my absence they have coordinated any work required on my yacht, including managing the installation of new Volvo engines by moving Antipodes to the yard and back, and making sure all the work was done properly. There really isn’t anyone else out there that I would wholeheartedly trust to care for my yacht.

I know that I can rely on them for the best possible advice and am positive that whoever buys Antipodes will benefit greatly from their service."

- C Cavness
s/v Antipodes


“It was a pleasure to work with Beth and Ross on the purchase of our 44 Antares. Their working knowledge of the Antares is a huge benefit for both the seller and the buyer. We also appreciated the connections that both Beth and Ross have helped us with both during and after our purchase of Sabbatique. Highly recommend this team!"

S. Fagan MV34100

"One of the best parts of owning our yacht was dealing with Rhumb Line. They were there for us when we bought it, they were there for us when we sold it, and in between we were always treated like members of the family.”

B. Reiss MV34106

“It has been a pleasure and lots of fun to work with you in buying the boat. We are very honored to be considered part of your PDQ Family”.

Kent & Jane Overbeck - PDQ 34 Rising Tide #66

"We want to thank you for not only all the assistance in the purchase of Rising Tide, but especially for the support afterwards. We have come to rely on you guys as the “go to” people for the PDQ 34. You have all ways been very responsive to our real, or often times imagined, problems, putting our minds at ease and allowing us to sleep at night. Rhumb Line’s many offers of hands on help has been above and beyond our expectations of assistance. We can’t thank you enough. We also very much appreciate the annual Owners Rendezvous. They have been fun and very informative. When the day comes for Rising Tide to have new owners, you will definitely be getting a call from us."

Taryn and Nick Loehr M/V TARYN AWEIGH

“We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us! You guys are amazing and we feel blessed that we found you. The help, support, and patience you have given us is astounding."

Laurie Bowers and Craig Acott SV4431 & MV34103

“We cannot imagine buying or selling a boat without the Rhumb Line team behind us. We have both sold and purchased boats under their brokerage, and were thrilled with how Rhumb Line handled all aspects with a high degree of professionalism and an obvious extensive knowledge of boats and the boating life. With a long history in this family business, they knew our boats inside and out, and provided invaluable technical, financial, and legal advice. They are highly skilled negotiators, and kept this often-difficult process on a positive and constructive track. We could relax and enjoy the process, knowing that they would find the right buyers for our listed boat, and subsequently the boat that perfectly suited our needs as purchasers.

Rhumb Line has an infrastructure for preparing and showing boats that simplifies upkeep for sellers, and provides easy access for purchasers. With access to protected docks in the heart of marine repair shops and marinas in central Florida, we were able to work on our boat with Rhumb Line at our side. They kept our boat in pristine condition while we were away, arranged for and supervised repairs, and provided invaluable advice to present our boat in its best light. They kept us up to date on market conditions, were right on with the price point for listing our boat, and brought serious buyers to the table. As Canadians, we are foreign boat owners and Rhumb Line provided accurate and comprehensive information, as well as a network of legal professionals who ensured compliance.

The survey processes were highly educational and collaborative. We knew we had Rhumb Line’s strength in mediation at hand, however, their proactive approach resulted in very few issues with our boats. The process was open, thorough, and positive. The survey helped us move onto our new boat with confidence in her integrity and value.

As buyers, we could see several boats at once along the Rhumb Line docks. We returned several times with a barrage of questions, and the team worked closely with us according to our schedule. This service continues with post-purchase support. We have ongoing access to a vast network of boat owners and professionals in the marine business who are connected to Rhumb Line. Route planning, upgrades, and ongoing operations and maintenance support help us enjoy our boat to the fullest in a safe and informed manner.

Rhumb Line Yachts is the complete brokerage package with a personal touch. They are sailors and cruisers themselves, and know the challenges we face. We feel part of their family, and know that we are in the hands of experts. With the substantial financial and emotional investments we place in our boats, having the Rhumb Line team with us is invaluable.”