2006 PDQ Antares 44 Catamaran

A rare find to have a beautiful PDQ Antares sailing catamaran at this price point!

Leap of Faith catamaran at anchor

Leap of Faith was built in Canada, and like every sensible Canadian, spent many season's cruising and exploring the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean. As a couple's full-time home, Leap of Faith was impeccably maintained and island hopped for several seasons, carrying crew and all their toys to new adventures - some of which involved rescuing and resuscitating a drowning goat [seriously - link to read the story].

The owners had a mind for design and it was no wonder that Leap of Faith was showcased in promotional materials - including a cover-page spread in Blue Water Sailing magazine! The interior is impeccably maintained and lots of attention to detail and maintenance were attended to.

Leap of Faith catamaran salon seating

The current owners of Leap of Faith continued the tradition of island hopping and upgraded many of the onboard systems including the installation of new B&G electronics, an upgraded wind generator, and new watermaker - all making life that much more enjoyable in any gorgeous anchorage.

Leap of Faith is currently docked on Marco Island in Florida and is ready for new adventures - whether they be in the near-by islands or across oceans. Are you ready to take that Leap of Faith?


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How to revive a wild goat, and other essentials to know before you go cruising

The Rescue

View from the water

"Recently Bob had cause to use his CPR when our dog Mollie, while making a routine beach landing, inadvertently herded a wild goat straight into the ocean. Realizing too late what had occurred; we immediately called her back to allow the goat to swim back to shore. However, the goat proceeded to swim further out to sea! Bob, fearing the goat was too panicked to find it’s way back ran to the dinghy, fired it up, and chased down the goat to herd it back to the safety of the beach. All was looking very successful, when just two feet from shore thegoat went under. Bob jumped from the dinghy and hauled the goat back onto the rocky shore. It was not breathing so Bob began CPR by pumping his chest and slapping his face (no, Bob recounts, mouth-to-mouth was NOT an option!). Immediately the goat coughed up salt water, but then passed out again. Bob continued his CPR efforts until finally the goat let out a little “baaayyyy”, and we both felt tremendous relief. We continued to soothe and stroke him until he finally was able to regain his wobbly legs. He stood, turned to us, and let out a tremendous “BBBAAAYYY” as if to scold us for our inattentiveness, and teetered off into the bushes. He was right to berate us, and Mollie will never again be allowed to roam the beaches off-leash when wildlife is present."

Link here to read full story of Leap of Faith in the Caribbean

Lynne & Bob - s/v Leap of Faith