2004 PDQ Antares 44 ECHO

Around the world and back

ECHO catamaran sailing

If you’ve ever sailed to Darwin, Australia, or happened to stop at some of the ports in the Med, Indonesia or Egypt, you might very well have seen photographs or heard stories of this 2004 PDQ Antares 44. Prior to being christened s/v ECHO, Chris and Erin had sailed Barefeet around the world and made lasting impressions on us, and the sailing community in their YouTube video series (watch videos below).

When current owners Jeff and Mary moved aboard, they brought with them years of sailing experience and ambition and began outfitting her with upgrades that would lead them on their own sailing adventures up and down the US East Coast, into the Islands and as far south as Belize, Panama and Columbia.

Before buying an Antares, Jeff and Mary were happily living aboard a monohull – that is, until they opened their eyes to the obvious advantages of sailing a catamaran. Jeff writes:

“It started with meeting and visiting catamaran friends and spending time aboard their vessels. We found many characteristics that we found quite intriguing. We liked the living spaces, the storage spaces, and the entertaining spaces.

My break through moment though came in a crowded, rolly anchorage. As I looked about I saw all the monohulls with masts swaying to and fro like metronomes and all the cats bobbing gently upright in the swells. I have always been uncomfortable in a rolling boat at anchor and have spent lots of energy setting up swell bridles and stern anchors to try to minimize the roll in our monohull. Watching those stable cats made the decision for me.

Of all the cats we learned about, the one that seemed to be the best fit for us turned out to be the PDQ Antares 44.”

ECHO catamaran spacious salon

With upgraded electronics, new sails, new dinghy and detailed attention for new interior and exterior upholstery, ECHO is now ready for her next owner – whether sailing the Caribbean Islands or exploring the globe, s/v ECHO is ready to lead her new owners on their new adventures.

ECHO is a rare opportunity for an immaculate PDQ Antares 44 catamaran at such a great price point. You can read more about Jeff and Mary and their sailing adventures aboard s/v ECHO on their blog svecho.com

Price: $540,000 USD

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Sailing around the world in a catamaran

I have been around the world...

Having recently completed a 5-year 'round the world trip aboard their Antares 44 Barefeet, Chris and Erin are back in the US and discuss some of the highlights of their trip - from choosing the right boat to learning to sail and provisioning the galley - watch the series of 5 videos presented by Antares Yachts