2007 PDQ Antares 44 Cat Ion

A uniquely built hybrid-electric powered catamaran

Cat Ion catamaran at anchor

Imagine sailing on the world’s best liveaboard. Now imagine that while not under sail, you have the ability to not only reduce emissions but to also motor along in peace and quiet. That’s because you’re on a uniquely built, hybrid-electric powered catamaran – a Tesla of the Sea. That's how Keith and Pat have been living aboard, enjoying pristine anchorages without the need to power up their genset and disturb their tranquility or the environment. And imagine not having to do an oil change on your diesel engines! That's because there is nothing to service on electric motors, there are no gearboxes, and consequently, no diesel smells, heat or noise in the hulls.

The majority of the systems aboard Cat Ion have been upgraded since the launch from the Canadian factory in 2007. Cat Ion has been outfitted with the latest technology available today and all the custom one-off components aboard have been replaced by readily available off-the-shelf systems. For one, the engines and generator were upgraded in Oct 2009, using Fischer Panda 10KW Whisper Prop Motors, and a Fischer Panda 13KW DC generator. Also, the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4) were installed in Nov 2013, and were provided by Lithionics in Florida.

Cat Ion battery bank

Cat Ion is well ahead of the curve and operates on cutting edge technology but that doesn't mean that you need an electrical engineering degree to operate this hybrid cat. Keith busts that myth easily. His training is in construction. "It's simple to operate, you turn the key, move the throttles and the props rotate. As the batteries run down (such as powering the motors), the generator automatically starts and fill's them up, and automatically stops when full."

A battery monitoring system (BMS) acts as the brain and is fully automatic. The Lithium batteries have safety circuits to check the batteries are functioning correctly and the BMS can automatically detect a fault and will shut down the generator. When managing the power systems aboard, it is always helpful to know how full the batteries are. The State of Charge displays the available power (ie. 80%), and is conveniently located in the salon.

Cruising in the Bahamas

Keith and Pat are full time (6 months per year) liveaboards. The lithium batteries are the heart of the system. They drive the engines, recharge the 12V batteries, power the 5KW inverter that runs microwaves, washing machines, air conditioners, and 40GPH water maker, all without ever starting the generator. They may go 3 days without starting the generator while still running fridges, freezers and other domestic items. And because the generator is in the starboard hull at the front of the boat, they barely hear it running in the saloon or cockpit. Also, Lithium batteries take a fast recharge, typically taking about an hour to recharge the batteries which are continually being topped up from the solar panels.

All these upgraded and accessible systems mean that no matter where in the world Cat Ion cruises next, service and availability of components won't be an issue. Fischer Panda have service centers all over the world, represented in 72 countries, with the US as a support hub with great service and good supply lines.

Built in Canada and family owned from new, Cat Ion is impeccably maintained. Are you ready to discover the advantages of sailing this electric hybric catamaran?

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Price: $550,000 USD - NOTE: SALE PENDING

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Hybrid Antares 44i Advantages

  • Quite operation. The motors are near silent, there is no vibration. Even the diesel generator is barely audible in the main cabin.
  • Regenerate power while sailing. Once the batteries are charged the amount of power regenerated can be made equal to the loads such as radar, lights, etc. then there is no risk of draining batteries while sailing.
  • Environmental impact is minimized. As long as the boat is sailed each day it is realistic to motor out using batteries alone, then charge the batteries using power regenerated from sailing, then motor to an anchorage without having used any diesel.
  • Motors are always available. A MOB situation is handled safely in the Hybrid Antares; the motors are immediately available to pick up the victims.
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