2010 Antares 44 Blue Dawn

Wired to Sail Around the World!

Blue Dawn catamaran sailing

“It’s been one hell of an adventure,” said Alon, describing the time he’s spent cruising on his Antares 44i catamaran Blue Dawn. Sailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the Caribbean, across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and back, Blue Dawn has taken her owner and family on some grand adventures. Wired for International and North American power - 220 VAC and 110V shore power, and with NEW 40HP Volvo diesel engines, she’s outfitted with all the necessary equipment to take her next owner on their adventure in safety and comfort.

This wasn’t Alon’s first catamaran; in fact, he’d been sailing aboard what he described as a “run of the mill” brand for 10 years before buying Blue Dawn. “I wanted an up market catamaran,” he said. After searching for several years, crisscrossing the ocean from one boat show to another, he made his decision.

“She sails by far better than expected,” Alon said describing how Blue Dawn handles the ocean passages. “She’s excellent in high seas and she handles the seas very well without pounding. She is not scared of it, she is confident”.

Blue Dawn catamaran chasing dolphins

“She doesn’t cry, she doesn’t squeak”, he explained, adding that this was one of the factors in his decision to buy the Antares. Because the cabinets are an integral part of the building process and contribute to the strength and rigidity of the overall structure, the modules are glassed in. The majority of mass-produced boats glue and screw the cabinets in and result in what Alon described as ‘crying’ – the discomforting squeaking that results from the twisting and torquing while underway.

Like he said, it’s been one hell of an adventure. Blue Dawn is currently docked in Stuart, FL.

Price: $610,000 USD

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Are you the next accidental circumnavigator?

A Couple's Unexpected Journey Around the World

story by Joanne Bush
Joanne at a tiger sanctuary

I would have never stepped aboard Miss Jody had I known we would end up sailing around the world. My husband Ron, a life-long sailor and racer convinced me to go cruising. Our plan was to sail as far as the San Blas Islands in Panama, with the caveat that I could always go home if I didn’t like it. I could jump ship and buy a bus ticket from the Florida Keys back to Pensacola, Fla., and it was relatively easy to return home from the Caribbean.

Don't get me wrong, I love traveling, and the opportunity to discover new places and meet new people has always been a big draw for me, but I never imagined the “getting there” part would be by sea, and certainly not in a 42-foot catamaran. Miss Jody is an Antares 42, a predecessor to the Antares 44, and for a reluctant sailor, a catamaran would be an excellent vessel for us to explore the Caribbean.

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