...from Rhumb Line Yacht Sales

6: Support

When you buy an Antares from RLYS, you know that you will always get the support you need. We make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about all your boat’s systems before you leave the dock. And if we can’t answer any of your questions, we’ll find someone who can.

5: Well Maintained

All the Antares owners that list with us have complete records and logs documenting their Yacht’s maintenance. Antares owners are particular about maintaining their boats, and we are always impressed by the condition of their yachts. It is to both the owner’s and your benefit that the Antares is well maintained, and if there are any issues that we note, they are always resolved before listing with us. In fact, we have our own in-house mechanic inspect the boats and point out any foreseeable issues that should be addressed.

4: Fully Equipped

From integrated dive compressors and retractable power cord, to additional solar panels, chart plotters and spinnakers, many of the Antares listed with us are outfitted to the nines. You will likely find a lot of optional equipment on board, and owners will often offer additional gear like SUPs, kayaks and fully equipped kitchens and tool sets.

3: Shake Down? What Shake Down?

You know what we’re talking about. Every new boat comes with it’s own unique set of issues at first launch. From electronic and mechanical systems to the cut of a sail or a noisy water pump, by the time you get delivery of the pre-owned Antares, these issues would have been long resolved and the gremlins worked out.

2: Availability

Buying an Antares is by no means an impulse buy – a lot of thought and consideration goes into making such an important decision that will literally change the course of your life. Once that decision is made, however, it can take years to receive delivery of your new Antares, a reality that often interferes with your specific set of sailing goals and timelines. That’s why buying a pre-owned Antares may be the right solution for you

1: Price

Our years’ of experience as the exclusive broker for Antares gives us a solid foundation of what a realistic and competitive market price is for a pre-owned Antares. Working with the owners and the buyers we can broker a fair deal for you to ensure both parties are satisfied with the transaction.