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2018 PDQ Lobsta Crawl

2018 PDQ Lobsta Crawl

The Lobsta Crawlers have all gathered on Block Island as we get ready for another epic flotilla! The 9 PDQ 34 powercats, 1 PDQ 41 powercat and Antares 44 sailing cat will be joined by others as we cruise up the coast to Maine!

We plan to tour some of America's quintessential cruising ground in New England, starting from our home base in Great Salt Pond on Block Island, RI and cruising through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

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Cruising St. Johns River

PDQ St Johns Flotilla

Camaraderie of the PDQ group, dinners, margaritas and rafting up in the most beautiful anchorages are just a few highlights from our recent flotilla down the St. Johns river.

We met up for our first dinner at Chatworth’s Pub on Super Bowl Sunday in St. Augustine to start of our flotilla of four PDQ 34 powercats. We were all prepared for what might be a very cold adventure, anticipating a chilly cruise down Florida’s longest river, the St. Johns.

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