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2018 PDQ Lobsta Crawl

2018 PDQ Lobsta Crawl

Are you ready to join us on another legendary RLYS Flotilla? This summer we are planning to tour some of America's quintessential cruising ground in New England, starting from our home base in Great Salt Pond on Block Island, RI and cruising through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

The Lobsta' Crawl is tentatively scheduled to start June 28th in Great Salt Pond, Block Island, RI and run through to the last week of July in Maine. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us on this Flotilla. We'll have more information on our itinerary in the coming months.

Cruising the Pacific Northwest

Cruising in Alaska aboard a PDQ 34

With each forward stroke Ria Evans got a bit closer to the crystal clear blue water, balanced on her standup paddleboard, exploring the tranquil anchorage as the sun glistens off the calm waters. This idyllic scene isn’t in the Bahamas, but in Tracy Arm Cove in Alaska – and the clear blue water this time is in the form of the translucent icebergs poking out of the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest.

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