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Catching a Ride on Sailing Rally

Join a sailing rally

Joining a sailing rally is more than just about the security of cruising in a group and following a well-organized agenda, it’s about forming life-long friendships and may be the impetus you need to kick-start your grand adventure.

“The saddest boat in the marina is the one waiting for the procrastinating owner to start their adventure,” says Antares owner Jason. “The rewards of cruising are grand but sailors need to grab it and overcome their excuses and hurdles. If you have a limited time frame, the rally can provide the impetus for that grand adventure.”

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2018 PDQ Lobsta Crawl

2018 PDQ Lobsta Crawl

The Lobsta Crawlers, as they are affectionately known, concluded their month-long tour of America's quintessential cruising ground in New England, starting from Great Salt Pond on Block Island, RI and cruising through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. In typical Rhumb Line Yacht Sales fashion, the group of powercats and one sailing catamaran, lead by Dick and Carol Tuschick, left quite the impression in their wake.

A (mostly) uniform formation of powercats would at times cruise together or break off in smaller groups and would rendezvous at specific locations for group gatherings and dinners - giving everyone plenty of opportunities to cruise on their own or with the group. For that one Antares 44i sailboat, this meant a bit of planning and a few early mornings.

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